Výpočetní cluster a úložiště Botanického ústavu & MetaCentra

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Administration and support

:!: Plenty of questions can be discussed in e-mail conference cluster-ibot (zavináč) metacentrum (tečka) cz — unless the question is too specific, it is better to ask in the e-mail conference than directly contact admins. :!:
  • The cluster is managed by administrators of the MetaCentrum. Regarding general problems related to computation, application etc. please use the MetaCentrum help support.
  • Specific questions related to the Průhonice cluster, e.g. issues connected with the usage of the database server, should be addressed to cluster administrators Vojtěch Zeisek and Yann Bertrand.
  • If you desire to join the ibot group, create or modify shared folder and change your allowed disk space on the disk storage, please contact Vojtěch Zeisek.
  • Questions related to Apache Hadoop, Spark, NoSQL databases (Neo4j and MongoDB) and other issues specific computing on the HPC nodes should be directed to Yann Bertrand.
  • With questions and requests about GitLab contact Vojtěch Zeisek, alternatively Jan Panoch.
  • All requests or questions regarding cluster and related tasks send to Vojtěch Zeisek and Yann JK Bertrand exclusively to cluster (at) ibot (dot) cas (dot) cz.

Event calendar

Events related to the cluster (e.g. shutdowns or seminars) can be seen in public calendar (ICS).

Cluster calendar can be added in institutional webmail after clicking to calendar, adding calendar from directory and searching name cluster. It will then be displayed among other calendars of the user.


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