Výpočetní cluster a úložiště Botanického ústavu & MetaCentra

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E-mail conference and communication

:!: Plenty of questions can be discussed in e-mail conference — unless the question is too specific, it is better to ask in the e-mail conference than directly contact admins. :!:

E-mail conference cluster-ibot (at) metacentrum (dot) cz — write your questions and other messages there (archive) is available, members are all members of the ibot group (membership in the conference is automatic, using primary e-mails users are registered in MetaCentrum with; password is same as for MetaCentrum). It serves for announcements of news about the cluster as well as fro discussion among users.

User can login into archive and settings of the conference with primary e-mail address used in MetaCentrum (can be set in Perun) and MetaCentrum password.

All requests to the cluster admins should be send to e-mail(s) of administrators.

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