Výpočetní cluster a úložiště Botanického ústavu & MetaCentra

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The Institute of Botany & MetaCentrum, usage of the computing resources


Every employee and student in a Czech research institute can get access to the MetaCentrum. MetaCentrum membership is obtained after completing an application. Usage of the computing resources must be carried strictly in accordance to the MetaCentrum’s rules of use.


Employees of IBOT enjoy a higher priority on the Průhonice hardware, which means that their analyses will start sooner than non-IBOT requests. However, in order to beneficiate from this priority one must join the ibot (membership isn't automatical, admin must assign user to the ibot group) group, which also grants access to the Průhonice data storage. If you wish to be part of the ibot group, please contact the cluster’s administrators.

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