Výpočetní cluster a úložiště Botanického ústavu & MetaCentra

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Data storage

The cluster's a disk array is made of a QSAN XCubeSAN XS3224 with 21x 14 TB 7200RPM SAS3 disks and SSD cache (SW Qcache COQ SSD-C and 2x SSD PAH WUSTR6440ASS200). The array can only be access through two file servers (backuping each other) tilia-nfs.ibot.cas.cz (alias storage-pruhonice1-ibot.metacentrum.cz) which is equipped with 1 processor AMD EPYC Naples 7401P (24 cores, 2 GHz, turbo 3 GHz), 128 GB RAM and 1920 GB NVMe disk (RAID 0).

See information about the data storageaccess and shared folders.

Data storage and file servers

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