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 ====== News ====== ====== News ======
 +  * **2022-06-03** To [[en:pristup#login-into-metacentrum-infrastructure|login into MetaCentrum infrastructure]] via EduID domain credentials are used now (as e.g. into IBIS).
 +  * **2022-05-17** Whole cluster was updated to Debian 11.
 +  * **2022-05-09** The computing part of our cluster is powered off due to major failure of air-conditioner (storage is still available). After repair of air-conditioner, whole cluster will be upgraded to Debian 11 and new version of PBS.
 +  * **2021-07-29:** [[en:gitlab|GitLab]] and [[en:hw:vm#database-server|database]] server were updated to [[https://www.opensuse.org/#Leap|openSUSE Leap 15.3]]. In case of problems or requests contact [[en:spravci-podpora|admins]].
 +  * **2021-03-23:** Due to security issue in Linux kernel SFTP access to ''tilia-nfs'' is temporarily suspended. For now connect via SFTP to front-end ''tilia''. SFTP access to ''tilia-nfs'' will be re-enabled as soon as there is fix availble.
 +  * **2020-11-11:** On 21. 11. 2020 from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM whole cluster will be due to revision of the electricity transformer station (and subsequent electricity supply interruption) powered down, all services will be unavailable.
 +  * **2020-09-24:** Cluster was upgraded to Debian 10.
 +  * **2020-07-24:** [[en:gitlab|GitLab]] was moved to new virtual server, we now have higher performance (more CPU as well as memory) and more disk space (2 TB).
   * **2020-06-20:** Switch of the information web into this DokuWiki. :-)   * **2020-06-20:** Switch of the information web into this DokuWiki. :-)
   * **2020-06-01:** We launched our own [[https://git.sorbus.ibot.cas.cz/|GitLab]], a complete DevOps platform.   * **2020-06-01:** We launched our own [[https://git.sorbus.ibot.cas.cz/|GitLab]], a complete DevOps platform.
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